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Turtwig Pokemon

Turtwig Pokémon are small in size and have a close resemblance to turtles. Just like turtles, Turtwig Pokémon are enclosed in a hard shell and are yellow and green in color. Turtwig was one of three Pokémon starters found in the Sinnoh region, discovered in the lab of Professor Rowan. If you'll notice, Turtwig also has a small plant-like growth on it's head. Turtwig, also known as Naetle in the Japanese version, made it's first series debut in the very first Pokémon Diamond and Pearl anime series.

Turtwig is numbered #387 in the National Pokédex and is a grass-type Pokémon. As a Turtwig evolves, it will change into Grotle which are very slow yet gentle Pokémon. They only fight when they absolutely have to. In the next stage up, Turtwig will evolve into Torterra which can get very large in size. Despite their size, they remain with there gentle character.

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