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Starly Pokemon

Starly Pokémon which are also known as Mukkuru from their Japanese counterpart are usually found in large groups. Obviously related to birds, Starly are gray in color with a white striped tail feather and a white circle on their chests. In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl series, Ash Ketchum and Paul both find Starly. Paul finds a total of three of these Pokémon, but ends up giving them all away within a few episodes. Ash ends up holding on to his Starly on the other hand, which later on evolves into a Staravia.

Starly is numbered #396 in the National Pokédex and is both a normal and flying-type Pokémon. When Starly evolves, it will become a Staravia Pokémon which like to scour the land for small bug-type Pokémon. They also tend to get into fights with their own kind.

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