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Piplup Pokemon

Piplup Pokémon can be categorized in with the penguin family. They are covered and protected with a fine layer of feathers. These feathers keeps Piplup safe from the extremely cold climates as well as in the heat. You'll find Piplup in many, if not all the episodes of the fourth generation Pokémon series so far. In these series, Piplup is owned by a novice Pokémon coordinator by the name of Dawn.

Piplup is numbered #393 in the National Pokédex and is a water-type Pokémon. As a Piplup evolves, it will change into a Prinlup which uses it's flippers as a deadly weapon. Then Prinlup eventually evolves into Empoleon which has razor-sharp flippers and can swim as fast as a speed boat. So do not be deceived by Piplup's seemingly cute appearance.

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