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Meowth Pokemon - Team Rocket

Meowth Pokémon are little creatures reminiscent of the feline family of cats. Meowth has very light brown fur, alsmot like cream in color. This Pokémon has brown pointy ears and long whiskers with some kind of golden ocal-shaped coin protruding from it's forhead. Meowth Pokemon are night creatures that sleep in the day and come out to be mischievous at night.

In almost all episodes of Pokémon, you can find Meowth in them. This Pokemon has been made notorious for it's mischief. Partnered with his villain friends Jessie and James, they are always attempting to steel other people's Pokemon, especially the coveted Pikachu which belongs to the main character Ash Ketchum. Meowth is numbered 52 in the National Pokédex.

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