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James Kojiro - Team Rocket

James who is also known as Kojiro in the Japanese Pokemon version, is the male member of the infamous Team Rocket. Along side Jessie and Meowth, James is out to cause havoc on others. But, out of the Team Rocket trio, he seems to be the one to have the softest heart and at times tries to do what is right.

One of the funny things you'll often see is when Team Rocket will put on disguises to blend in amongst others. James will tend to come out cross-dressed as a woman. James was actually brought up in a very protected and spoiled lifestyle. But there were many rules that came along with it. This is was caused James to run away from home and eventually joing Team Rocket.

Some of James' many pokemon in his collection are: Mime Jr., Carnivine, Growlithe, Chimecho, Magikarp, Weepinbell, Koffing and Cacnea Pokemon.

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