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Bidoof Pokemon

A Bidoof can be taken for a chubby little hamster or mouse-like Pokémon. They hang out near rivers and other bodies of water. You will always find Bidoof biting down on wood or even nibbling on rocks. Their teeth and jaw muscles are as strong as steel. You can only distinguish between a female and male Bidoof by the number of bumps on their tales. A male will have five whereas a female will only have three. Although Bidoof Pokémon are small and chubby in size, they are surprisingly agile in their movement. You can see Bidoof on a few episodes of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl series.

Bidoof is numbered #399 in the National Pokédex and is a normal-type Pokémon. When Bidoof transforms, it will evolve into a Bibarel kind of looks like a beaver and is incredibly fast under water, although quite slow on land.

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