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Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Master

Since the beginning of the Pokémon series, Ash Ketchum has been the main character. He was 10 years of age when he first appeared in the series. Ash has always been a very caring Pokémon trainer and a brave one as well. Ketchum's arrogant personality has gotten himself into many dangerous situations, some of which were near-death experiences. But when it comes to real Pokémon battles, he has always been a very competitive trainer.

Ash Ketchum has really grown-up and matured over the years. His skills as a Pokemon trainer have shown much improvement since his journey began, although his heart and determination has always remained the same. Ash has caught and added many Pokemon to his arsenal throughout his childhood. At the same time.

Throughout the many seasons of this Japanese anime phenomenon, Ash came across many rivalling trainers including Richie and Casey who he met in the Indigo City Leage. Other rivals include Harrison, Morrison, Jackson, Paul and Tyson. Ash's main enemy has always been Team Rocket, who are always trying to steel the first Pokomon he ever had, named Pikachu. Team Rocket consists of a comical group who are Jesse, James and their cat Meowth.

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